You're Invited to join in
Native American Purification Ceremony
(Sweat Lodge)
with Jack Thom, Sr.,Walking Eagle Hn-Na-tch, Karuk Spiritual Leader

Purification Ceremony Information

You are invited to join Jack Thom, Sr., Walking Eagle, Hn-Na-tch, a full-blooded Karuk Native American spiritual leader from Northern California in the purification ceremony . He guides people in the sacred Sweat Lodge Purification Ceremony, a traditional way of cleansing body, mind, and spirit. By sweating and praying, we cleanse our bodies of toxins, our minds of negativities, and heighten our spirits. We come into a balanced relationship with our Earth, our Self, and the community of life that is all around us.


Purification Ceremony is held year round on most Saturday's at Stewart Mineral Springs in Weed California through the Spring, Summer and Autumn months. 

Ceremony at Stewart usually begins in the afternoon.   It is best to call the Stewart Mineral Springs office in advance to know of dates and times when the ceremony will be held.

What should I bring?

Clothing such as a bathing suit, shorts or cotton sweat dress/wrap are worn in the sweat lodge. We suggest that you bring a towel, thongs or sandals, and a flashlight for night use. Water is also advisable to have with you, but it is not allowed inside the lodge.

Camping is available for purchase through the Rio Vista Sandy Beach County Park. If you are willing to park in the adjacent day use parking, you can set up a tent in our main camp ground for no additional cost.. Please bring your own camping gear and meal provisions. We often share a pot luck meal after the Saturday morning ceremony. You may want to bring some extra food to share with others.

An orientation for newcomers can be requested by speaking with the Firekeeper. Just let he/r know that you have not sweated before and would like an orientation. Someone on the Spirit of the Wind staff will be happy to provide you with information.

Women and men don't usually participate in the ceremony together. But, Walking Eagle says that "we walk on this Earth together, so we should pray together too, in the Purification Ceremony." "So let us pray together in the lodge, or pray separated."

Following Native American tradition, Moontime (menstruating) women do not enter the ceremonial area. Pregnant women do not enter the sweat lodge. Individuals who have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the 24 hours preceding the ceremony do not enter the ceremonial area or the sweat lodge. Please abide by these traditions. If you have questions and are not sure what is appropriate for you or your condition at the time, be sure to ask the ceremonial leader or a knowledgeable staff person before entering any ceremony. We ask that all pets be kept on a leash at all times.

The Offering:

By tradition, an offering is always given by each participant before entering into ceremony. Traditionally and historically, the offering is one considered valuable and of support to the ceremony and to the support of the ceremonial leader. The participant determines the offering based upon his or her spiritual guidance and intentions.

We are attempting to maintain this tradition, however we have found many people have questions and ask for suggestions. We suggest a minimum donation of $20 that goes directly to the Spiritual leader who has incurred the many costs for making this ceremony take place. These costs include automobile travel, wood, lodging, tarps, gathering stones and medicine, fuel for chain saws, etc., etc.. For healings, a donation that is comparable to a doctors visit is greatly appreciated, needed and appropriate.

Prior the entering the Purification Ceremony we also offer our prayer offering of tobacco to the sacred fire. This begins our ceremony.

Out of respect and by natural law, we always give an offering before we take anything for our needs. We always leave our ceremonial areas and campsites clean and natural. We ask that you refrain from any activities that disturb or damage the natural habitat.

Please extend this invitation to your friends and loved ones!


Spirit of the Wind

For information about Purification gatherings at Stewart Springs:
Stewart Mineral Springs: 530.938.2222
4617 Stewart Mineral Springs Road
Weed CA 96094

General Information:
( Mt. Shasta ) sparrowhawk@nctv.com